Dr. (Mrs.) Pritirekha Daspattanayak


Urban Issues


1. UGC Minor Research project on Access of urban poor to basic services: a case for Urban Basic Services for Poor Programme (UBSP) implemented slums in Cuttack Town during (Completed)

2. Geo-Spatial Database for Urban Local Body (ULB): A case of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (Proposal under consideration with DST, New Delhi)

3. Urbanization, Urban Poor and Basic Services (Proposal under consideration with UGC, New Delhi)


1. M.A. in Geography : JNU, New Delhi; 1983
2. PGD In Planning- CEPT, AHMEDABAD,1985

3. M.Phil. (Geography) : JNU, New Delhi; 1987

4. Ph.D. (Geography) : JNU, New Delhi; 1996


1. UGC-Teacher Fellow, 1995-1996 for the completion of PhD at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi..

2. UGC (JRF), 1985-1987 (subsequently up-graded to SRF in 1987.

3. Merit Scholarship by Ahmedabad Education Society, 1983-1985.

4. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship by Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), 1981-1983.


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