Research Areas

Acoustics Research (Plant life in relation to sound waves)

  • Impact and effect of Harmonic Octave consonants and their frequencies in different strings and closed pipe, Indian classical music in dose dependant and time dependant manner on different phases of plant processes.
  • Specific effect of music on proteomic analysis, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant and molecular studies in plants.
  • Application of music therapy on plant pathology and in pest control using sound waves

Crop Biology and Studies on Climate Change

  • Biotechnological interventions for augmented crop production
  • Development of drought, flood, salinity and disease resistance cultivars and crops
  • Amelioration of the problems of mine overburdens and bioremediation of heavy metal pollution in the mineral rich areas of the state,

Ecotoxicology and Stress Physiology

  • Photosynthetic and physiological responses of algae and higher plants to insecticides and herbicides
  • Prompt and delayed fluorescence behavior of plants in response to salinity, desiccation, temperature and biotic stressors
  • Development of tolerance of fungi and cyanobacteria to OP chemicals and their field application.
  • Induction of defense in crop plants against pathogen stress by using biotic and abiotic defense inducers.

Ethnobotany and Secondary Metabolite Production

  • To understand the traditional knowledge and biodiversity of plants and plant-based healing system.
  • Molecular basis of evaluation of traditional knowledge and production of secondary metabolites for medicinal application.

Microbial Ecology and Bioremediation

  • Study of microbial community in soil and water and their application in bioremediation
  • Biological transformation and degradation of pollutants.
  • Screening, isolation, augmentation and application of the microbes to encourage the industrial application.

Plant Biochemistry and Bioinformatics

  • Protein and proteomics approach in understanding the role in plant developmental studies
  • Bioinformatics and computational approach in studying the protein modification in plant proteins.

Plant Biotechnology & Plant Tissue Culture

  • Development and refinement of in vitro plant regeneration protocols of various important medicinal, ornamental, fruits and crop plants.
  • Genetic engineering including Agrobacterium – mediated plant production (Rice, Saffron, Tobacco) transformation.
  • Secondary metabolite production through in vitro and hairy root culture.

Plant Molecular Biology and Crop Improvement

  • Crop improvements through understanding the gene regulation in the complex mechanism of stress and signaling, applying the basic molecular biology tool, understanding genetic diversity and to use the information to develop high crop yield and new technology.
  • Development of an efficient mushroom cultivation technology for better quality and quantity of mushroom production, establishment of flowering plants in hydroponic system
  • Plant metabolomic study and plant proteomics study with respect to their developmental conditions.