Acoustic Research & Plant Biochemistry, Microbiology

Prof. Sanhita Padhi

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An academician and researcher of plant science, Sanhita Padhi is an  Professor in Botany at Ravenshaw University. Her research spans different areas of Biochemistry such as Abiotic stress and Microbial Biochemistry and areas of Acoustic research such as Indian Classical Vocal & Instrumental Music and its effects on Plant Processes, Planetary Radiations, converted into sonic frequency range, and their effects on Plant Metabolism and Sound energy as bio-pesticides. In addition, her research also spans other fields like Magnetism and its effects on plant processes. She has also published and presented several research papers in referred journals and conferences / symposia of both national and international repute. During her long and illustrious academic career, Dr. Padhi has occupied several key positions in a multitude of organizations of both national and international repute. She has also served as a reviewer of several national and international journals.

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Selected Publications

  1. A. Banarjee, Sanhita Padhi, & T.K. Adhya (1999). Persistence and Biodegradation of vinclozolin in tropical rice-soils. Pesticide Science, 55, 1177-1181
  2. K. Bharati, S. Padhi & T.K. Adhya (1998). Accelerated Biodegradation of γ-hexachlorocyclohexane (γ−HCH) in a flooded    alluvial soil retreated with γ-HCH or its metabolites 1, 2, 4 trichlorobenzene (TCB). Bulletin of Environmental Contamination & Toxicology, 60, 853-863
  3. Sanhita Padhi* and Bandita Pati (2017). Severity of persistence and toxicity of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) to the environment- a current approach. An International Peer Reviewed & ReferredScholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies, 22(6), 55-63.
  4. Madhusmita Barik, SK Dash, Sanhita Padhi, P. Swain (2017). Effect of drought on Morpho-physiological, yield and yield traits of chromosome segment of substitution lines (CSSLs) derived from wild species of rice Oryza – An International Journal on Rice (An NRRI Publication) Peer reviewed SCI Indexed, 54 (1), 65-72
  5. Bandita Pati and Sanhita Padhi*, (2019). Study of antagonistic effect of rhizobacteria isolated from saline soil of coastal Odisha. Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, 6(2), 224-230.