Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Bibekananda Sundaray

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He holds the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics. He has more than twelve years of teaching and research experience in experimental condensed matter physics. He has 16 publications in SCI journals to his credit. He completed his PhD in 2007 from IIT Madras under the supervision of Prof. T.S. Natarajan and Prof. V. Subramanian. The PhD thesis work was based on electrical transport properties of electrospun nanofibers. He got Prof.A. L. Lasker Award for best thesis in Physics for 2007, IIT Madras. His postdoctoral work at NTU, Singapore focused on biomedical applications of electrospun nanofibers. Latter his stint at Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea as a BK 21 fellow focused on the transport properties of nanostructures. Further he moved to Laboratoire de Rheologie, Universite Joseph Fourier as a postdoctoral fellow, where he worked on lithium ion battery. His current research is focused on development of multifunctional nanostructures for energy and biomedical applications.

Selected Publications

  1. Tapan Kumar Pani,and Sundaray. “A Correlation of Lattice Distortion with the Magnetic Properties of Calcium Doped Bismuth Ferrite Thin Films” Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics54 (2021) pp 205002.
  2. Tapan Kumar Pani, Bibhuti Bhusan Sahoo, and Sundaray. “Carbon electrodes derived from polyacrylonitrile-polyethylene glycol blend for high-performance supercapcitor.” Materials Research Express6, (2019): 125077.
  3. Handarmin, Geneca Joo Yi Tan, Bibekananda Sundaray, Guillaume Thierry Marcy, Eyleen Lay Keow Goh, and Sing Yian Chew. “Nanofibrous scaffold with incorporated protein gradient for directing neurite outgrowth.” Drug Delivery and Translational Research1, (2011): 147-160. (Figure selected for Front Cover image of article’s Journal issue)
  4. Bibekananda Sundaray, Ajeong Choi, and Yung Woo Park. “Highly conducting electrospun polyaniline-polyethylene oxide nanofibrous membranes filled with single-walled carbon nanotubes.” Synthetic Metals160, (2010): 984-988. (Figure selected for Front cover image of article’s Journal issue)
  5. Bibekananda Sundaray, V. Subramanian, T. S. Natarajan, R. Xiang, C. Chang, and W. Fann. “Electrospinning of continuous aligned polymer fibers.” Applied Physics Letters84, (2004): 1222-1224.