Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Debadhyan Behera

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He currently works as Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics having more than eight years of teaching experience at UG and PG level.  He joined CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (formerly RRL), Bhubaneswar as CSIR-JRF and got awarded his Ph.D. in 2008 (regd. under Utkal University). He worked in various positions there and acquired expertise in handling analytical instruments like XRD, micro-Raman spectrometer, Electron microscopes etc. before joining Ravenshaw University in November 2012. His research interest is based on developing nanostructured materials  (particularly in the form of thin films and nanopowders) of metal oxides like ZnO, SnO2, TiO2 etc. and probing their properties for various applications like gas sensors, antibacterial agents. He has 26 research papers in SCI journals to his credit till date.

Selected Publications

  1. D Behera and B S Acharya, “Nano-star formation in Al doped ZnO thin films deposited by dip-dry method and its characterization using Atomic Force Microscopy, Electron Probe Microscopy, Photoluminescence and Laser Raman Spectroscopy”, J. Luminescence, 128, 1577-1586 (2008)
  2. D Behera, J Panigrahi and B S Acharya, “Probing the effect of nitrogen gas on electrical conduction phenomena of ZnO and Cu-doped ZnO thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis”, International J. of Ionics, 17, 741-749 (2011)
  3. J Panigrahi, D Behera, I Mohanty, U Subudhi, B B Nayak and B S Acharya, “Radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor based ZnO thin film deposition on glass substrate: A novel approach towards antibacterial agent”, Applied Surface Science, 258, 304-311 (2011)
  4. D Behera, D K Mishra, S K Pradhan, R Sakthivel and S Mohanty, “Improvement in structural and mechanical properties of zinc films treated by rf plasma with argon as reactive gas”, Applied Surface Science, 258, 1103-1108 (2011)
  5. B Sahoo, K J Sankaran, R Sakthivel, S K Pradhan and D Behera, “Effect of Fe-In co-doping on microstructural, optical, electrical and LPG response properties of spray pyrolytic ZnO thin films” Superlattices and Microstructures, 146, 106666 (2020)