Sedimentary Geology

Prof (Dr) Purnananda Behera

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Prof (Dr) Behera completed his M.Sc. degree from Ravenshaw University in 1976. He got M.Phil and PHD degree from Indian school of Mines (ISM Dhanbad) in 1991. Prof Behera has 35 years of teaching and research experience to his credit. He was also a Geologist in the Geological Survey of India for 2 years before joining teaching profession. He superannuated from Utkal University in the year 2014 and then awarded Emeritus professor up to 2016. He has published 15 international and 35 National papers. He has guided 10 PHD and 20 M.Phil students. His areas of specialisationsinclude Fuel geology, Sedimentary, Hydrology, Mineralogy and Environmental geology.

Selected Publications