Research Areas

The Department of Geology being located in a mineral rich state, research efforts have been dovetailed towards studying of minerals, ores and fuels. The thrust area of the department include a plethora of activities viz., characterization of metalliferous and nonmetalliferous deposits for determining their economic potential. The ore reserves throughout the globe are getting depleted at a very fast pace which has provided the impetus to work on low/off grade ores. Efforts are being made for their value addition and optimum utilization. Work is also being carried out for characterization of various industrial minerals aimed at their suitable utilization and recovery of valuable mineral phases. The fallout of environmental damage due to mining operations is also being studied. Facilities like XRD, Research Trinocular Microscope, Ion- Chromatograph, FTIR, FESEM-EDAX have helped the department to open up new vistas in geological research.

Some of the current areas of interest of the Department are: 

  • Characterization of ores and minerals and mineral beneficiation
  • Study of various industrial minerals like limestone, fireclay, china clay
  • Petrographic and geochemical studies of coal for their utilization
  • Water Quality Assessment with particular reference to mining
  • Study of Major contaminants affecting aquifer hydrology
  • Hydrogeochemical study for understanding groundwater evolution
  • Impact of Heavy metals and AMD on water resources
  • Seawater intrusion along coastal aquifers