Climate Change issues and Challenges

Ms. Binodini Majhi

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Department of Applied Geography


Ms. Binodini Majhi is an Assistant Professor of Geography in the Department of Applied Geography at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha. She joined as a regular faculty in 2010. Her area of specialization is Regional Planning. She has been actively engaged in research on Agricultural Development and Climate Change. Her area of interest includes Natural Resource Management and Environmental issues. She has supervised five M.Phil scholars by 2020. She has published nine research papers in journals of national and international repute, including one chapter in edited book and presented seventeen research papers in national and international seminars/conferences. She is a life member of several professional bodies, including the National Association of Geographers, India (NAGI), Eastern Geographical Society (EGS), Institute of Indian Geographers (IIG) and the National Geographical Society of India (NGSI). She was working as deputy warden of hostel for last six years at Ravenshaw University. Besides, she is also actively working as program officer of National Service Scheme (NSS) since 2017.

Selected Publications

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  2. Majhi, B. and Rath, K.C. (2018) Changing trends of temperature in Bhubaneswar: A city in eastern India International Journal of Geology, Earth & Environmental Sciences 8:1, 5-14
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