Development Economics

Prof. Ranjana Bajpai

Room No. - NA
Department of Applied Geography

Phone : 9692897972

Dr. Ranjana Bajpai is Professor in the Department of Applied Geography, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, Odisha. Basically, a social and political geographer, she did her graduation from University of Delhi and obtained M.A. from Centre for the Study of Regional Development (CSRD), JNU and M.Phil., & Ph.D. from Centre of International Politics, Organization and Disarmament (CIPOD) from School of International Studies, JNU. Prior to joining Ravenshaw in 2010, she joined DBS College, Kanpur through UP Higher Education Commission in 2003.  With more than 19 years of teaching and research experience, her research interests are socio-cultural issues in geography like education, gender & tribes and environmental politics.  Teaching is her passion as she delves upon various papers like Political Geography, Social Geography, Geomorphology, Human Ecology  and Biogeography, among others.

Selected Publications

  1. Mishra, Arup, Ranjana Bajpai and Amrita Swain (2021), “Finger millet-based staple beverage consumed by the Gadaba ethnic community of Odisha, India: Preparation and nutritive characteristics”, BIODIVERSITAS, 22(5):2737-2742.
  2. Mishra, Arup, Ranjana Bajpai and Amrita Swain (2022), “Evaluating an Oryza Sativa based fermented beverage ‘Pendam’, a source of Sustainable Diet to Gadaba Ethnic Community of India”, Asian Food Science Journal, 21(6): 45-51
  3. Das, Ujjwal, Ranjana Bajpai and Druheen Chakrabarty (2020), River regulation and associated geo-environmental problems: A case study of lower reaches of Shilabati river basin, West Bengal, India, International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 2(4): 233-240.
  4. Mishra, Arup and Ranjana Bajpai (2020) “Kitchen Garden Farming for Improved and Sustained Livelihood: A Case of Gadaba Tribe of Odisha, India”, Regional Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 11(1):53-56.
  5. Samanta, Rajeeb and Ranjana Bajpai (2019), Spatio-Temporal Variations in Paddy Cultivation: A Case Study of Paschim Medinipur District, West Bengal, National Geographical Journal of India, December, 65(4):29-44.