Himanshu Sekhar Acharya

Room No. - 1/1 ,
Department of Computer Science

+91 9438173326


He holds the position of Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science. He is continuing his Ph.D. thesis in the area of  Design and Analysis of Algorithm based on Parallel Grammar at Utkal University, Odisha. He has completed his MSc. (IT), in 2003 and MTech (IT), in 2005  .  He has overall 22 years of teaching and research experience in the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He has published several technical papers in international journals.  He is also a Java Certified Computer Professional from ORACLE. His current research interest includes Parallel Grammar,Database,Programming languages, Mobile Framework,Real Time Application . He has written eight Text Book of  MBD  and Kalyani Publisher.

Selected Publications

  1. Himanshu Sekhar Acharya, Sashi Bhusan Nayak “Application for Academics and for Collaborative Learning using Mobile Social Networking”, IJARSCT (2021, ISSN- 2581-9429).
  2. Himanshu Sekhar Acharya, Sashi Bhusan Nayak “Connection to Machine-Brain Computer Interface”, IJMIE(2019 ,ISSN-2249-0558).
  3. Himanshu Sekhar Acharya, Sashi Bhusan Nayak “Technology of the Future:Sixth Sense”. IJAEMA(2019, ISSN-0886-9367).
  4. Himanshu Sekhar Acharya, Sashi Bhusan Nayak “ERP System Using Android”,IJLEMR (2018, ISSN: 2455-4847).
  5.  Himanshu Sekhar Acharya “Biometrics in Modern Era”. IJAREAS(2013, ISSN-2278-6252).