Dr. Nibedita Jena

Room No. - ,
Department of Psychology



Selected Publications

  1. Xenophilia and Neophilia in Albino Rats: Effect of Social Rearing-Psychological Studies-2-26-1981-124-132-National (Trivandrum)
  2. Effects of Space and Social Interaction on Emotionality Activity and Learning in White Albino Rats-IndianPsychologist-1-1-1982-3-8-National
  3. Exploratory Behaviour of Albino Rats under different conditions-Psychological Research-7-7-1983-33-42-National (Calcutta)
  4. Some Personality Characteristics of Narcotic Drug Users-Perspectives in Psychological Researches-2-3-1984-9-12-National
  5. A Sociometric Study of School Children in relation to Extroversion-Introversion-Perspectives in Psychological Researches-1-7-1984-13-16-National

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