Overview & History

This institute has been facilitating Odia Language & Literature teaching since its inception in 1868. In the beginning Sanskrit Pundits were engaged for this purpose. In the history of higher Odia Studies 1920,1946 & 1964 are three memorable years. In 1920 Post Graduate Department of Odia opened in Calcutta University with the financial assistance of the then Maharaja of Subarnapur State and the faculty members were Sri Bijoy Chandra Mazumdar, Pandeet Nilakantha Das ,Pandeet Binayak Mishra. In 1944 Ravenshaw facilitated Under graduate teaching (As Hons subject) and in 1946 Post graduate teaching under the stewardship of  Prof.Artaballava Mohanty, an eminent Sanskrit and Odia scholar, and thus a new era in Odia studies began in Odia speaking tract. And finally in 1964 Sanskrit & Odia Department got separated. Department of Odia Language and Literature came into existence. Needless to say, the galaxy scholars who have headed the Department are, no doubt, are of international repute. Few amongst them are Prof.Karunakar Kar (Linguist), Prof.Kunja Bihari Dash (Folklorist), Prof.Kunja Bihari Triapathy (Linguist), Prof.Golak Bihari Dhal (Linguist) and Prof.Janaki Ballava Mohanty (Bharadwaja).

                              P.G. Department of Odia is one of premier Odia Language Department in state of Odisha. As a pioneered department to Odia Language & Literature, it fulfills the higher education aspirations almost half of the century to Odia language speakers and its aspirants. P.G. Department of Odia offers P.G, M.Phil., PhD & D.litt. programmes for Odia Language & Literatures.The department  strives to further research in Odia Language and Literature, computer Application in Odia.  The scope of this course is to make Odia Language suitable and compatible with modern application of computer parlances with other Indian Languages. Journal of the department maid in venture began in the year 1976 during the headship of  Pof. Janaki Ballabha Mohanty. The Journal is regularly published from the contributory seminar fund raised by the P.G. students of the department. The Journal is also having some special issues such as,Drama, Modern Poetry, Rasatatwa, Literary Criticism. Most of the issues are comprised by the young students of the department and distinguished scholars of various literatures and humanities. The department has also a good collection of rare photographs of Odia Literatures, historians, artists, musicians, and freedom fighters of Odisha.

Heads of The Department

Prof. Artaaballabha Mohanty

Prof. Karunakar Kar

Prof. Kunjabihari Tripathy

Prof. Kunjabihari Dash

Prof. Golokbihari Dhal

Prof Janakiballabha Mohanty (Bharadwaj)

Prof. Gangadhar Bal

Prof. Sabitri Devi

Prof. Bauribandhu Sahu

Dr.Natabara Satapathy

(31.07.2003 – 30.06.2006)

Dr. Maheswar Das

(30.06.2006 – 31.01.2007)

Dr. Girish Chandra Mishra

(31.1.2007 – 24.9.2008)

(02.05.2011 – 01.05.2013)

Dr. Bishnupriya Otta

(07.01.2009 – 02.07.2010)

Dr. Bina Jena

(02.07.2010 - 21.12.2010)

Dr. Bijayalaxmi Dash

(21.12.2010 – 02.05.2011)

(01.07.2016 – 31.05.2018)

Dr. Gauranga Charan Dash

(01.05.2013 – 01.06.2015)

(15.10.2015 – 31.06.2016)

Dr. Premananda Mohapatra

(01.06.2015 - 15.10.2015)

Dr. Raja Kumar Naik

(01.06.2018 – 31.06.2021)

Dr. Jnanee Debasish Mishra

(01.07.2021 – Cont.)