In today’s world of digitization, data plays a very important role. Given the growing importance of decisions and opinions based on data, it’s crucial that you can critically assess the quality of analyses that others present to you. Statistics is the key to learning from data and navigating common problems that can lead you to incorrect conclusions. Statistics is an exciting field about the thrill of discovery, learning, and challenging your assumptions.

Research, financial markets, sports, engineering, healthcare, marketing & sales, election campaigns, space, natural disasters, population studies, accidents, insurance, and deaths – statistics has got omnipresence. 

This career offers great job opportunities in India and also in abroad. The statisticians and their analytic skills are highly demanded in today’s job market.

You can use statistics in various fields such as business, industry, agriculture, government, private, computer science, scientific, health sciences & other disciplines.

After completing study in statistics, one can opt for finance, analytics, software development, actuarial science & many more options.

Jobs directly related to your degree include: