Adivasi Land Issues, Displacement & Development

James Kindo

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James Kindo is an assistant professor in the Department of Sociology. He has a teaching experience of 07 years and has taught both at the undergraduate and post graduate levels. His research interests are Adivasi Issues of Land, Displacement and Development with a focus on the state of Odisha. Currently, pursuing Docotoral programme at the Centre for Development Studies in Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He Has completed Masters of Philosophy in Regional Studies and Masters in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. He teaches papers on Sociological Perspectives of Development, Research Methodolgy, Globalisation & Society and Environmental Sociology.

Selected Publications

  1. Kindo, (2019). Development and Consent. Think India Quarterly, 22 (4), pp 5696-5704.
  2. Kindo, (2016). Development with Consent in Multidisciplinary Handbook of Exclusion And Human Rights edited by Swati Ray Chakraborty and D.C Nanjunda, Aayu Publications,New Delhi (ISBN: 978-93-85161-23-0)
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Globalization and Urban Informal Sector

Social Movement in India

Displacement, Rehabilitation and Resettlement

Civil Society Organizations

Manoranjan Das and Binay Kumar Pattnaik. “Understanding Anti-POSCO Movement in Odisha: Through the Politics of Development.” The Oriental Anthropologist 22.1 (2022): 67-92.

Classical Sociological Thinkers

Research Methodology

Political Sociology

Theoretical Perspectives on Development

Development and Change in India