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The Department of Sociology commenced with the introduction of Sociology as an elective subject in 1980 in UG level. Subsequently, the discipline began as an Honours subject in 1982. Postgraduate program in the subject started in 1992. Finally, the Department commenced its M.Phil./Ph.D. research program from the year 2011. Currently, Sociology of Development, Gender Studies, Sociology of Education constitute major thrust areas of the Department. The Department houses a library catering to curricular requirements of P.G., M.Phil. and Ph.D. students. Students of Sociology continue to excel in national and international entrance examinations and placements, thereby adding to its glory. The worldwide presence of its rich and resourceful alumni stands testimony to its claim. The Department of Sociology, Ravenshaw University is the first in Odisha to host the Indian Sociology Congress in 2010, drawing the who’s who of Indian Sociology. Besides, the Department regularly organizes weekly lectures, invited talks, symposia, workshops and national conferences.


The Department of Sociology is committed to the promotion of education, research and extension work. It remains dedicated to critical examination, diffusion and application of sociological insights in myriad ways. Apart from introducing the students to the rich theoretical tradition of the discipline, the Department through its pedagogical practices remains rooted in injecting the much needed skill among students for critical/ reflexive thinking and for the practice of Sociology in their everyday life. 


  • make them capable of sociological imagination and reflexive thinking so that the discipline becomes meaningful for everyone’s life, living and livelihood.   
  • To familiarize them with the prevailing methodological traditions of the discipline including the dominant themes concerning the method, tools, techniques etc considered quite vital in sociological explorations in ground realities. 
  • To promote the fieldwork tradition of the discipline.  
  • To inculcate the value of socially useful productive works among students through services and community engagements of various kinds.
  • To enable the students evolve an inclusive approach to the understanding of the life-world of all including those belonging to the backward and weaker sections of the society.
  • To promote the culture of research among the faculties, research scholars and students and encourage them engage in scholarly/ meaningful sociological writings of national and international repute.

Maharaj K. C. Bhanj Deo

The department of chemistry was initially named as Mayurbhanj Chemical Laboratory. The red building with Victorian architecture, which houses the department still carries this name engraved on it. The Maharaja of the then princely state of Mayurbhanj, Sri Krushna Chandra Bhanja Deo, has generously contributed for the initial establishment of the laboratory.


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