Sociological Theories, Sociology Of Globalisation, Science Technology And Society, Industrial Sociology

Dr. Jnana Ranjan Prusty

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Dr. Jnana Ranjan Prusty has been with the Department of Sociology, Ravenshaw University since January 2020. His area of teaching and research interest covers Sociological Theories, Sociology of Globalization, Science Technology and Society, Gender and Society, Industrial Sociology. Prior to joining the Department of Sociology, Ravenshaw University Jnana Ranjan Prusty taught at the Department of Sociology, Adamas University Kolkata

(2015-2018), Department of Sociology, B.J.B. Autonomous College, Bhubaneswar (2014- 2015. His PhD was from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. His doctoral work on the current system of erosion of indigenous knowledge system because of rapid growth of population, global markets, learning system and growth process related to rapid transformation and cultural homogenization. In this context his doctoral thesis is an empirical study about the extinction of indigenous knowledge system (handloom) in western Odisha and extinction of Western knowledge system (powerloom) and   indigenous knowledge system (handloom) in coastal Odisha. The indigenous knowledge system (handloom) in western Odisha is unable to flourish because of a lack of government support. The uncritical acceptance of powerloom in coastal Odisha has failed to promote effective management of the existing available handloom technology at the local level thereby contributing to the predicament of the handloom technology. The uncritical acceptance of powerloom has failed to achieve the desired result in coastal Odisha i.e. sustainable development because of lack of proper infrastructure for powerloom like electricity, pre- and post-weaving arrangements, working capital, proper marketing facility, product diversification, etc. Only dependencies have been created by the outside world on powerloom technology that orders and demands but do not truly contribute to the development. His doctoral work is sociologically significant in the context of conflicting knowledge systems represented by two forces of production (technological systems) in textile industry in Odisha.

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  1. Prusty J. R. and Mallick, S. ‘Declining Powerloom Industry and Allied technology factors: A Sociological Study of Siminoi Powerloom Cluster in Odisha’ has been published in ISS E Journal (Being published by the Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi).