Research Facility

The department provides;

  • A computer lab and a library  having   1258 books, 511 E- books, etc.
  • A separate Archives room “ South Asian Studies Resource Centre”  with thousands of archival records. Nearly 15000 pages of printed Archival Texts and Resources on Anti-Colonial Politics, Adivasi Peasant Insurgency; Family histories, Vamshavalis, Local Historical Narratives, Obscure (auto) Biographies, “Cheap” Vernacular Literary Tracts; East India Company Records, Institutional History of Ravenshaw; (18th-20th centuries CE) from India Office Library,UK; Hidelberg Library(Germany); Wellcome Trust Library(UK);WHO Library( Geneva); Kyoto and Tokai south Asian Study Centers(Japan); London, National Archives, New Delhi, and Orissa State Archives, Bhubaneswar, several  libraries of ex-feudatory states of Orissa, and certain private and  small institutional collections including Ravenshaw Record Room
  • One seminar room equipped with Wi-Fi projectors and screen
  • We have one archaeology cum museum room with all the collections regarding archaeology, excavations etc. such as Human Skeleton, pot burials, tools, potteries, sculpture
  • Department Journal- Journal Anekantanubhava: Journal on South Asian History, Society and Culture 
  • Proposed Faculty Lounge, Computer Lab, Office Establishment, Store