Jasmine Nayak

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Selected Publications

  • Nayak, J., Jena, S.R., Kumar, S., Kar, S., Dixit, A. and Samanta, L., 2022. Association of seminal polyaromatic hydrocarbons exposome with idiopathic male factor infertility: A proteomic insight into sperm function. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. (In production)
  • Nayak, J., Jena, S.R., Panda, B., Kar, S., and Samanta, L., Spermatozoa HSP90β expression correlates with ROS generation and altered motility in response to Methyl parathion treatment in vitro. Journal of Reproductive Healthcare and Medicine. doi:10.25259/JRHM_7_2022
  • Nayak, J., Dalei, G., Jena, S.R., Das, S., Sahoo, R., Dash, D., Parhi, P. and Samanta, L., 2023. Facile microwave-assisted synthesis of Dialdehyde− β− Cyclodextrin for evaluation of angiogenesis in wound healing. Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 33, p.101074.
  • Dalei, G., Das, S., Jena, S.R., Jena, D., Nayak, J. and Samanta, L., 2023. In situ Crosslinked Dialdehyde Guar Gum-Chitosan Schiff-Base Hydrogels for Dual Drug Release in Colorectal Cancer Therapy. Chemical Engineering Science, p.118482
  • Jena, S.R., Nayak, J., Kumar, S., Kar, S., and Samanta, L., 2022. Comparative proteome profiling of seminal components reveal impaired immune cell signaling as paternal contributors in recurrent pregnancy loss patients. American Journal of Reproduction Immunology.DOI- https://doi.org/10.1111/aji.13613.