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Introduction of B.Sc. Honours course in Zoology in 1946 led to the inception of the Department of Zoology as a separate entity and since then the Department has shown remarkable progress over the years in teaching and research. M.Sc. course in Zoology was introduced in 1960 under the teaching Department of Utkal University which was functioning from the Zoology building. The Department of Zoology shifted to the present campus of Utkal University in 1973. Subsequently, an independent M.Sc. course began in 1981 in the erstwhile Ravenshaw College affiliated to Utkal University and became a full-fledged Department when Ravenshaw became a University in 2006. The interdisciplinary course of Public Health was introduced in collaboration with other science and humanities departments, namely, chemistry, economics, geography and sociology, in the year 2010. Life Science, M.Phil and Ph.D. program, was initiated in collaboration with the Department of Botany in 2014. At present, courses are offered in B.Sc. Honours and Electives in Zoology, M.Sc. in Zoology and Masters in Public Health. 


We envision fostering holistic acuities in knowledge pursuits of animal sciences and envisage the Department of Zoology as a recognized forerunner in undergraduate, postgraduate studies, and avant-garde research laboratories. The department places great emphasis on cultivating an environment that encourages the growth of knowledge and promotes the pursuit of intellectual advancement for students and scholars alike. This is achieved by facilitating scientific research and supporting the creation of impactful contributions that benefit humanity and society. The department is committed to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation where individuals are empowered to explore their passions and develop their skills to their fullest potential.


We recognize the incredible assortment of fauna across hierarchies in the biosphere. Our mission is to enthuse a quest for unraveling the enigmas of animal life and effectively develop synergistic multifaceted perceptions in understanding the existence of organisms. The department aims to provide students and scholars with a high-quality, unparalleled education that fosters curiosity and independence. We recognize that the modern era comes with its challenges, and our mission is to equip our students with the skills they need to face these challenges confidently in their academic pursuits and personal lives.

Prof. Parsuram Misra

Zoology teaching in Odisha was initiated at Ravenshaw College in the year 1941 under the Department of Biology headed by Prof. Parasuram Misra as a FA course (present day +2 Science). In 1946, Zoology got an independent status and introduced as a main optional subject in B.Sc. as both pass and honours.

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The department has produced generations of Zoologist and we are privileged to have an active alumni group, which supports the department in every aspect. To maintain a close relation with your alma mater please register in the following link.

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