Year of Establishment : 2018

The Postgraduate Programme in Biochemistry at Department of Biochemistry, Ravenshaw University, is the first of its kind in the state of Odisha, and was established to fulfill the research needs and aspirations of students engaged in this field of study. The syllabus for this programme has been prepared with inputs from noted experts in the field such as Prof. G. B. N. Chainy. The curriculum is designed to expose students to the exciting and expanding field of biology, chemistry and informatics. Students of Science are exposed to the latest concepts in the field of cellular biochemistry along with being provided ample hands-on training. The faculty teach subjects as varied as metabolism to statistics and photosynthesis to system biology to give students an overview of the subject as well as to help them appreciate the diversity of the subject. The academic environment and a balance of flexible and strict teaching learning structure ensure that all students learn the fundamental problems of the biology of life. As part of the course, students are required to carry out a research project, within the duration of one semester, in chosen state and national level research organizations.