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Three years B.Sc. programme in Data Science Management (DSM)

The Department of ITM and IST of Ravenshaw University will offer an undergraduate course starting from 2020. The B.Sc. in Data Science Management (DSM) would offer students a comprehensive training, from a problem-solving perspective, in computational and statistical methods for management. The broad goal is to empower students to become Digital Data Managers, a rapidly expanding and highly rewarding job area, which takes an advantage of the ongoing digital revolution. Data Science Management relies on an extensive network of companies and institutions that participate to the project providing teaching, case studies, mentoring and job opportunities. This course has been conceptualised with inputs from the corporate and the academia. Data Science Management is a blooming field where the demand for trained data scientists has witnessed a massive growth in recent years. Data analysis is not only essential but indispensable for meeting the challenges of making most efficient strategic as well as tactical decisions. Applications of data science take place in various domains such as government sector, agriculture, atmospheric sciences, infrastructure management, financial markets and E-commerce.

Objectives of the Proposed Programme: The programme would be a three year undergraduate course that would be suited to enable the students for having a hands-on feel on working with data and making sense of it.

· To introduce the students to the different tools and techniques used for handling, managing, analysing and interpreting data.

· To enable the students to acquire a strong foundation for applying advanced quantitative and statistical tools to make most effective decisions driven by sound data analysis.

Learning Outcomes: Data science Management is an interdisciplinary field that would strive to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured. The course employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, operations research, information science, computer science and Management. On successful completion of the course, the students will acquire a solid computational, statistical skills to tackle real corporate problems. The program is three year undergraduate course with fourteen core courses which includes subjects from the domains of data science, information technology, coding, business management and statistical modelling.

For detail information about this program, please read the admission brochure 2020.

Piyu Tripathy,
Dean, School of Information and Computer Sciences

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