Vision, Mission & Objective


Politics is at the heart of human life. In this age of deep global interconnectedness, politics has the most significant role to play as events, activities and decisions in one part of the world have an instantaneous and direct impact on the lives of millions across the world. The Department strives to generate a greater understanding of political ideas, institutions, processes, decisions and movements through focused teaching and research.


The goal is to institute collaborative research in partnership with prominent national and international institutions. Also, the main focus of the Department is to create an enabling atmosphere and framework for intensive research into the unknown and unexplored aspects of political life in the increasingly complex and competitive world- especially the life-worlds of the most marginalized and underprivileged sections of the society like the Dalits and tribals. Towards this end, the Department proposes to open specialized centers for Gender Studies, Tribal Studies and South Asian Studies and also offer Certificate Course in Human Rights.The subject- in order to survive- has to be made contemporary, relevant and society-oriented.


The Department intends to provide its students and scholars an intellectually stimulating environment with the state of the art facilities. A number of national/international seminars, workshops, conferences, awareness campaigns along with special lectures by most distinguished academics, experts, Ambassadors, and policy-makers are arranged to establish greater linkages with the polity and make the future citizens more aware of the problems and challenges they are going to encounter. The aim is to make the Ravenshavians, with a Political Science Degree, politically conscious and responsible stakeholders in the system.

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