Overview & History

The history of the department could be made synonymous with the history of Ravenshaw. The erstwhile Ravenshaw College from its inception started with philosophy as one of the subjects for its curriculum. Professor Haranatha Bhattacharya was the founder figure of the department. The great literature and scholar of Odisha Pt. Nilakantha Das studied philosophy as an elective subject alongside Chemistry. The department imparted UG teaching for a long-time contributing to the academic sphere of the country immensely. The PG Department became operational in 1995 and continues in imparting quality teaching and cutting-edge research in the discipline. The department is located at the front of the majestic lawn, and bears the signature of unique Victorian architecture. The department has been offering MPhil and PhD programme since the college upgraded into a University. The cultivation of philosophical training in the department both in research and teaching made long strides, which was only due the persistent efforts by Philosophers of the stature Professor Haranatha Bhattacharya, Professor Bipin Bihari Roy, Prof. Ratnakar Pati, Professor Satyabadi Mishra, Professor Ganeswar Mishra, Professor Mohin Mohan Senapati, and Professor S. P. Chotopadhyaya, Professor Banbihari Chaoudhury, Professor Hrudananda Roy, and the list continues. The department has produced generations of philosophers, who have contributed immensely to the society. The Ravenshaw College got the status of unitary university in 2006 and the department of Philosophy got rejuvenated with the blend of glorious past and a present with immense potential. The department is engaged in serious teaching and research activities. The department publishes Ravenshaw Journal of Philosophy, a UGC CARE listed journal apart from other research activities.

Prof. Balabhadra Prasad

Prof. Mahendra Ku. Rout

Prof. Gokulananda Mohapatra

Prof. Ashok Sankar Mitra

Heads of The Department

Prof. T.K. Mishra

5/1/95 – 10/04/96

Dr. D. R. Satpathy

11/04/96 – 31/03/99

Prof. S. P. Chattopadhyaya

1/4/99 - 9/9/01

01/10/06 - 31/05/08

Dr. D. M. Praharaj

10/9/ 01 - 30/09/06

Dr. A. Mohapatra

01/06/08 - 08/09/10

Dr. H. Ch. Sahoo

9/9/10 - 4/1/11

Prof. R. C. Majhi

1/7/ 11 – 31/12/17

Dr. Patitapaban Das

5/1/11 - 30/06/11

1/1/18 – 31/6/21

1/2/22 – 5/8/22

Dr. Himanshu S Samal


Dr. Ashoka Kumar Tarai