Vision, Mission & Objective


  • To equip the graduates with the necessary skills in communication, team work and leadership qualities to meet the need of the IT & allied sectors.
  • To enable innovations in ICT by creating a conducive and effective environment to help and assist industries to compete in the global market-place and fast moving technologies.


  • To focus on Teaching, Learning, Research and Consultancy and to promote excellence in computer applications.
  • To produce competent Professionals in IT Industry, Academics, Government or Entrepreneurship.


  • To adapt to the fast changing world of Information Technology requirements.
  • To promote out-of-box thinking among the students.
  • ┬áTo inculcate among students the culture of team work and leadership qualities.
  • To enable students understand professional and ethical responsibilities

A transformative learning community to realise the dreams, spread the knowledge and create global leaders.