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Established in 1943, the Department of Education offers B.A. (Honours) and Four years integrated BA/BSc. B.Ed., P.G., M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs. The department has a library, computers and a research lab. The Departments Four-year Integrated B.A and B.Sc B.Ed. program is one of the recently launched university programs that offer the students a unique opportunity to obtain an integrated Bachelors degree and B.Ed. degree. The Department regularly brings out a research journal titled The Ravenshaw Journal of Educational Studies.


“Empowering students with knowledge, skills and values for effective participation in a humane learning society for self-affirmation and fulfilment of social obligation”


  • To promote education as a core discipline in higher education.
  • To impart advanced level teaching with technology support.
  • To provide an opportunity for all round development of students.
  • To provide professional education within the framework of liberal education in a multidisciplinary context.
  • To develop confidence, self-reliance and professional competencies among students.
  • To inculcate constitutional values including multicultural values among students for peaceful co-existence with a feeling of ‘live together’.
  • To promote collaboration activities, exchange of ideas and expertises with different agencies and institutions
  • To maintain a symbiotic relationship with stakeholders: students, parents, alumni and community members
  • To promote the practice of internal quality assessment mechanism
  • To promote research and innovation in Education.

Maharaj K. C. Bhanj Deo

The department of chemistry was initially named as Mayurbhanj Chemical Laboratory. The red building with Victorian architecture, which houses the department still carries this name engraved on it. The Maharaja of the then princely state of Mayurbhanj, Sri Krushna Chandra Bhanja Deo, has generously contributed for the initial establishment of the laboratory.


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We are privileged to have an active alumni group, which supports the department in every aspect. To maintain a close relation with your alma mater please register in the following link.

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we are privileged to have an active alumni group, which supports the department in every aspect.