Research Areas



  • Management and analysis of competitive forces in industries,
  • Business growth and diversification, turnaround strategies,
  • Strategies for competitive advantage for practicing managers.


  • Understanding and establishing customer value, business development, leadership skills, brand management, building strategic plans, developing strategic implementation plan, and implementation plan for retail strategy, among others.
  • Marketing Research and methodologies
  • Statistical and marketing tools in market research.
  • Retail Marketing.

Skill Enhancement Programs /Development

  • Skill based programs on digital branding. 
  • Sales and Marketing training programs for young entrepreneurs. 
  • Consulting services on branding,market share growth for industrial houses. 
  • Branding of SME products. 
  • Certificate courses on Sales and Marketing for executives and entrepreneurs. 


Finance Consultancy Areas

  • Accounting Applications
  • Fund Management
  • Personal Investment Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Stock Trading
  • F & O trading
  • Financial Reporting
  • Mutual Fund & Investment
  • Risk Manaegement

Skill Enhancement Programs /Development

  • Finance for non-finance executives
  • Asset Management & Security Analysis
  • Mutual Fund & Investment
  • Financial Performance Monitoring
  • Financial restructuring
  • Systems and Process Improvement, Standard Operating Procedures
  • Internal credit risks & Risk Management
  • Evaluation and implementation of internal control system
  • Infrastructure project finance
  • Profitability and cost effective studies.


  • Manpower planning
  • Identification of training and learning needs
  • Design and conduct of selection tests
  • HR audit

Skill Enhancement Programs /Development

  • Executive Coaching
  • Talent Management & Retention
  • Team Building, Union-Management Conflict Resolution
  • Employee Talent Management & Retention


  • Statistical Analysis through Excel, SPSS, AMOS and EVIEWS
  • Simulation Modelling and Sensitivity Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management models
  • Design and implementation of SCM models
  • Project Planning and implementation.
  • Procurement and Materials Management
  • TQM and Six Sigma guidance

Skill Enhancement Programs /Development

  • Providing basic knowledge for a Start-up organisation and preparing business plan
  • Providing marketing assistance to existing entrepreneurs
  • Understanding Supply Chain Management for increasing productivity of the organisation