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Dr. Biswaroop Singh

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Dr. Biswaroop Singh is a B.E. (Mechanical) from IGIT, Sarang, and has an MBA from Utkal University. He has been awarded Ph.D. in the area of Supply Chain Management of Auto Components from Utkal University. Dr. Singh’s area of interest includes Operations Management, Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship Development. He has 18 years of teaching experience in various management institutes of Odisha. Before joining academics he had worked in Premier Auto Electric Ltd (Walchand Hirachand group) as Sales and Service engineer for five years in various parts of India. He encourages students to conduct interviews with corporates and also guides them to develop case studies about various organisations. He also motivates and assists students to join various entrepreneurship programmes by interacting and working with MSME officials and local entrepreneurs. Dr Singh is an active social worker and works for the betterment of underprivileged sections of society. He also engages himself in various literary activities. His hobbies include Numismatics and Photography. 

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Research Journals (National & International) :

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Chapters in Edited Books :

  1. Tripathy, P.K., Singh, B.(2009). Farmers Club : A Powerful Social Instrument for Agricultural Development(A Case Study), Service Centric Strategy & Market Dynamics, Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi,249-260
  2. Kantha,R., Singh, B.(2009). Tourism Sector : A Great Opportunity Ahead , Service Centric Strategy & Market Dynamics, Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi,348-361

Conference Proceedings and Papers :

  1. Presented a paper titled “Attrition and Retention, A Major Challenge to Management ” on 14th March 2015 in the National Conference  on “Novelty and Challenges in Management”, organized by Ravenshaw Business School, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack
  2. Presented a paper titled “Innovation in Distribution Strategy to Sustain in the Competitive Market: A Case Study on Auto parts Industry ” on 31th January 2015 in the 8th National Management Convention on “The Endless Pursuit of Winning in the VUCA Environment”, organized by KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar
  3. Presented a paper titled “Developing Skill in Small and Medium Sectors: A Case Study on MSME DI in the State of Odisha ” on 17th January 2015 in the 4th International Seminar on “Skill India 2015”, organized by Indian Institute for Production Management(IIPM), Kansbahal
  4. Presented a paper titled “Farmers Club : A Powerful Social Instrument for Agricultural Development(A Case Study)” held on 30th April 2008 in the International Management Colloquium-2008 on Service Centric Strategy “ An Elixir to Dynamic Disequilibrium in the Market organised by DRIEMS Business School, Cuttack
  5. Presented a paper titled “ Knowledge Process Outsourcing : Advantage India ”  held on 22th February  2007 held on National Conference on Knowledge Management: Capturing and Structuring for a High Performance Enterprise  organized by IBCS, SOA University, Bhubaneswar

Teaching :

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Principles of Marketing
  3. Principles of Business Management
  4. Organisational Behaviour
  5. International Business