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Dr. Shradhanjali Panda, MBA in Finance and Ph. D from Utkal University is currently working as Assistant Professor and is associated with the department for last 6 years. Her core area is Finance.  She has twelve years of teaching experience.  She also has three years of industry experience before joining academics.  Prior to Ravenshaw University, she served in different Business Schools.  Dr. Panda has published more than forty research articles in different National and International journals of repute.  She has authored two books to her credit and presented papers in more than fifty National and International Conferences.  Apart from teaching, Dr. Panda is course co-ordinator of MBA 2nd year & IMBA 10th Semester, faculty-in- charge of departmental library and member of Departmental Board of Studies.  Her research areas are Equity Valuation, Portfolio Management, Value & Growth Investment strategies and Market Efficiency.  

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Journal Articles (International & National)

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Conference Proceedings and Papers :

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Books :

  1. Panda, S. & Das, K. (2019). Fundamentals of Mutual Fund: A Beginner’s Module, Kunal Books, ISBN: 978-94-89224-12-2.New Delhi.
  2. Das, K. & Panda, S. (2019). Banking and Entrepreneurship: Recent Trends and Opportunities, Prajwal Books, ISBN: 978-81-933962-4-7. New Delhi.

Teaching :

  1. Financial Management
  2. Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
  3. Financial Derivatives & Risk Management
  4. Financial Institutions & Services