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Dr. Swayambhu Kalyan Mishra

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Dr. Swayambhu K Mishra is currently working as Assistant Professor in the area of Marketing. He has done his MBA in the area of Marketing from KIIT University, Odisha. He has attended many FDPs and Workshops to add value to his profile. He has more than 10 years of teaching and research experience in the extended field of marketing. He has about 12 publications in various peer reviewed journals to his credit. He has been awarded Ph.D. in 2017 from School of Commerce and Management Studies, Ravenshaw University. His Thesis work was based on    “Customer Retention and Acquisition Practices in Indian Banking Sector”. Before joining this university he was associated with many B-School’s of repute. His current research interest is in Digital platform based banking, Emerging sophistication of Banking Services, Evolving Retention practices in Indian Banking Sector. Dr. Mishra is a voracious reader and loves to read books of different genres. Also, interested to council the students.

Selected Publications

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Research Journals (National & International) :

  1. Mishra, S. K. (2013). Impact of Demographic Changes in Banking service preferences: A study on SBI. Journal of Business management and Research, 5, 48-56.
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Chapters in Edited Books :

  1. Mishra S.K., & Das, K. (2015) .A study of Customer Perception and importance of CRM initiative in the Indian banking sector(Eds), Financial Sector Reforms in Developing Economies.(pp. 92-102). Rohini Nandan, (ISBN 978-81-928721-1-7)
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Conference Proceedings and Papers :

  1. Mishra, S. K. (2012), “Performance is the key to Organizational success” in  National Conference on “High Performance is key to success” BBSR Odisha,28 April, Gandhi Engineering College ,BBSR Odisha.
  2. Mishra, S. K. (2013), “Pitfalls of Greenfield Strategy” in UGC sponsored National Seminar on “Greenfield project management in India”, Salipur, Cuttack23-24 November, SALIPUR COLLEGE, Cuttack.
  3. Mishra, S.K.(2015) ,“A study on Customer Perception and importance of CRM initiative in Indian Banking Sector” in  National Conference on “Challenges and Opportunities for the growth of Indian Financial Sector Financial Sector reforms”, Nagpur Maharashtra ,31st Jan, Rastrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Department of Business Management , Nagpur Maharashtra.
  4. Mishra, S.K.(2015), “Managing Customer Awareness and Satisfaction on Online Banking-A Case study on SBI” in 3rd National Management Convention ,Asian School Of Business Management ,BBSR ,5-7 February, Asian School Of Business Management ,BBSR.
  5. Mishra, S.K.(2014),“Emerging Dimensions in Indian Debt Market”, in Annual conference of Odisha Commerce association, Kendrapara Autonomous College,Kendrapara,30-1 December, Department of Commerce and Management Studies, Kendrapara Autonomous College, Kendrapara.
  6. Mishra, S.K.(2015),“A study on Market Entry Strategies of Multinational Companies –A case study on Posco and Vedanta” , in National Conference on “Novelty and Challenges in Management”, Ravenshaw Business School, Ravenshaw University, 14 March , Ravenshaw Business School, Ravenshaw University.
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  8. Mishra, S.K.(2015),“Challenges of the Renewable Energy Sector in India” in National Seminar on “Manufacturing Sector in India :Issues & Challenges”, Bhubaneswar, 25-26,Bhubaneshawar ,P.G. Department of Commerce, Utkal University.
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  10. Mishra, S.K.(2015),“Implementation of GST in Foreign Countries : A Case Study” in National seminar on “GST: An overview and its practical aspects”, Balasore, 26 -27th March ,Dept. Of Business Management, Fakir Mohan University , Balasore.
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  14. Mishra, S.K.(2019),“ A study on Customer Awareness and Satisfaction towards ICICI bank in Bhubaneswar” in International Marketing Conference on “Marketing in the new era ,Emerging trends and Sustainable Practices “, Kolkata, Dec 19-20, IMI, Kolkata
  15. S. Panda, Mishra, S. K. (2020), “Payment Banks in India: A Digital Revolution” in “National Seminar on Banking “ Cuttack, 20-22 February, Dept. of Commerce, Ravenshaw University Cuttack .

Books :

  1. Jena, B. and Mishra, S. (2018).Financial markets, institutions and Services, Kunal Books, New Delhi. (ISBN 978-93-86714-78-7)
  2. Mishra, S .K. and Das. K.,(2019).Customer Retention and Acquisition Practices in Indian Banking Sector, Kunal Books, New Delhi, (ISBN :978-81-935486-2-2)

Teaching :

  1. Service Marketing
  2. Consumer behaviour
  3. Marketing Management.
  4. Managerial Economics
  5. Business environment
  6. Integrated Marketing Communications
  7. Product and Brand Management
  8. Financial Services