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Ms. Anuradha Dash

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Ms. Anuradha Dash is an Assistant Professor in the area of Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management. She is pursuing Ph. D in Management at SoA University, Odisha. Her thesis focuses on Psychological Contract & various job attitudes. Her research interests are Psychological Contract, Job Satisfaction, Employee Attitudes, Green HRM & Work Life Balance. She is a MBA graduate from BPUT, Rourkela & is associated with Ravenshaw University since 2015. Prior to that she has 4 years of corporate experience.

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Research Journals (National & International) :

  1. Dash, A. (2020).A review of Green HR practices in Indian Banks.
  2. Dash, A. (2020). Green HRM: Policies & Practice : A case study.
  3. Dash, A. (2019).Impact of Urbanization Stress on Mining workforce
  4. Dash, A. (2019). A study of Green HRM practices at Indian Coal Industries
  5. Dash, A. (2018). Impact of WLB on job characteristics: A case study on coal mines

Books :

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Teaching :

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Organizational Behavior