Vision, Mission & Objective


  • To make the department a vibrant department in quality teaching
  • To involve in cutting-edge research in various fields of philosophy
  • To open special centres like the Center for Buddhist and Peace studies.
  • Make the department a interdisciplinary one for far reaching impact in the society.


  • The department is committed in imparting quality teaching so that the students become as par with the national and international level.
  •  The department follows a strict research ethics in all its research activities
  • The department is committed to bringing the best mind around the globe for interdisciplinary debate and discussion. The department organises national and international seminars and workshops.
  • The department is committed to train the teaching faculty of other institutions about the new developments in philosophy. The department holds training camps for teachers in this direction. 
  • The department is committed in bringing out good articles and text as well as research books for the benefit of the students. The department publishes an annual Peer reviewed journal (UGC Care Listed) to fulfil this aim. The department also publishes good books in the aegis of Ravenshaw philosophy Series to meet the requirements of the students.


  • To get UGC (DSA) approbation.
  • To include Ravenshaw Journal of philosophy bi-annual and be included in the Scopus.
  • To open a centre for Buddhist and peace studies for having intense research activity on the Buddhist tradition of Odisha as well as its contribution to world peace.
  •  To make the department library more inclusive by adding state of the art facilities. 

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