Film Society of Ravenshaw (FSR)

Vision and Mission

Film Society of Ravenshaw, is an independent society run and managed by students, including former students, of the university. FSR holds a screening, Friday, every week, and organises workshops on film-making and film appreciation. FSR is committed to Cinema as art and a social force within a community, and more importantly, within the framework of an University. It aspires to work towards this through regular film screenings, a culture of reading sessions, seminars, research, and scholarship that we plan to inculcate within the student community. Its ideological framework is rooted in the progressive stride of the Film Societies movement, which started with the Calcutta Film Society in post-independent India by the likes of Satyajit Ray and his contemporaries, mapping out an alternative discourse for Cinema beyond the mainstream in public space. It envisions an egalitarian eco-system of education, where Cinema is treated as a multi-disciplinary subject with other disciplines of Humanities, Languages and Social Sciences, where it provides a bridge to approach social realities, economic histories, cultural pasts and present of a society.

The beginnings of FSR may be traced to a film class which was opened in Ravenshaw College in 1952. Regular film shows were organised mostly for fund raising for social causes. For example, in December 1969, the social service guild screened a charity film to enhance it’s fund to meet the educational expenses of needy students. The local cine community often approached the college to screen newly released films. in 1972, the Film Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India, had approached the then Principal of the College Prof. M. K. Rout regarding the production of a documentary film on the life of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Permission was taken from the Principal for a few shots of Ravenshaw College for the documentary. (Source: Nivedita Mohanty, Ravenshaw College: Orissa’s Temple of Learning, 1868 – 2006; p. 239)

Executive Member
Jayshreeram Dash
(Alumni, Ravenshaw University, 2017-2020)

Executive Member
Subha Sudarshan Nayak
(Alumni, Ravenshaw University, 2017-2020)

Consulting Member
Suchishraba Sarangi,
Founding member
(Alumni, Ravenshaw University, 2015-18)

Consulting Member
Abhishekh Parija,
founding member
(Alumni, Ravenshaw University, 2014-17)

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Urmishree Bedamatta
Asst. Professor, Dept. of English,
Ravenshaw University

Thematic Area of the Society’s work

The outline of FSR’s thematic area is dedicated to promote public appreciation of films of artistic value amongst students, and research scholars in the University. It further intends to extend the bandwidth of the Society into the foray of larger discourses of Film, Culture, and Media Studies, nurturing a group of enthusiasts, who may further seek scholarship in this field. Bringing in a culture of viewing, appreciation, and writing around cinema, to promote and uphold film literacy.

FSR Screening

  • Sooraj ka Satvan Ghoda, 1992, Hindi, India; Director- Shyam Benegal.
  • Sooraj ka Satvan Ghoda, 1992, Hindi, India; Director- Shyam Benegal.
  • Do the Right Thing, 1989, English, USA; Director- Spike Lee.
  • Network, 1976, English, USA; Director- Sidney Lumet.
  • Rear Window, 1954, English, USA; Director- Alfred Hitchcock .
  • Get Out, 2017, English, USA; Director- Jordan Peele.
  • The Shape of Water, 2017, English, USA; Director- Guillermo Del Toro
  • Mukti Bhawan, 2016, Hindi, India; Director- Shubhashish Bhutiani.
  • Mary and Max, 2009, English and Yiddish, Australia; Director- Adam Elliot
  • Mustang, 2015, Turkish, France/Germany/Turkey; Director- Deniz Gamze Ergüven
  • Marie Antoinette, 2006, English/French, USA/Japan/France; Director- Sofia Coppola.
  • Raincoat, 2004, Hindi, India; Director- Rituparno Ghosh
  • A Separation, 2011, Persian, Iran; Director- Asghar Farhadi
  • Bom, 2011, Documentary, English/Hindi, India; Director- Amlan Datta
  • Ikiru, 1952, Japanese, Japan; Director- Akira Kurosawa
  • Roma, 2018, Spanish, Spain; Director- Alfonso Cuarón
  • Fandry, 2014, Marathi, India; Director- Nagraj Manjule
  • The Bright Day, 2012, Hindi, India; Director- Mohit Takalkar
  • Periyerum Perumal, 2018, Tamil, India; Director- Mari Selvaraj
  • Court, 2014, Marathi, India; Director- Chaitanya Tamhane – Guru Dutt Retrospective
  • Pyaasa, 1957, Hindi/Urdu, India; Director- Guru Dutt
  • Kagaz ke Phool, 1959, Hindi/Urdu, India; Director- Guru Dutt

About Al Kabirah

Al Kabirah, written and directed by Abhishek Parija, a student of the Department of English, was the official selection for Short Film Festival, Lagos, Nigeria, 9th Indian Film Festival, Bhubaneswar, 2018, and South Asian Short Film Festival, Kolkata, 2018.

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