The Centre of Excellence in Environment and Public Health (CoEEPH) at Ravenshaw University has been set up as a part of the World Bank Funded and Odisha Higher Education Project for Excellence (OHEPEE), Govt. of Odisha with a mission to Excels and Promote the cutting age research and training of young scientist in the area of Environmental and Public Health. 

CoEPEE aims to strengthen science education in Odisha by engaging with various stakeholders, in particular teachers of school & undergraduate level science and mathematics. The objective of this centre is to help impart pedagogy training to teachers as well as hands on science education to teachers and students from schools, colleges, universities and research institutes. Our focus is concept-based learning, with emphasis on pedagogical innovation by and for teachers. Since its inception in October 2017, CoEPEE has organised workshops and activities for various target groups towards this goal.

For various outreach activities, please write to