Convention Center

“The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” or the Ravenshaw Convention Centre, comprises four main Halls, the Convocation Hall, Annexe I, Annexe II, Annexe III, and a Residential Wing. The Convocation Hall can accommodate 500 people at one time. It has a pedestal stage, a control room, green rooms and visitor’s rooms each with a powder room. Annexe I, II and III are used for large-scale academic events and faculty meetings.

The Residential Wing comprises 10 double-bed suites and a 30-seater conference hall. The facilities are made available for guests who arrive for conferences and seminars in the University and for visiting scholars. To avail accommodation facility booking is made by applying in the requisition form.
“The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” was the brainchild of the former Vice-Chancellor Mr. Devdas Chhotray, who called upon the goodwill of his friend and architect Mr. Rajan Saklani to oversee the whole range of works from drawing and design to the execution of the plan. The design of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom was inspired by Mr. Chhotray’s reading of T. E. Lawrence’s autobiography Seven Pillars of Wisdom.