Center for Sri Aurobindo Studies and Futurology

Sri Aurobindo has left a plethora of philosophical literature and a vibrant spiritual tradition to guide the future of the human race. The Centre is established to orient the young minds towards futuristic multidisciplinary research guided by Sri Aurobindo’s metaphysical world view. The Centre has an MOU with the Sri Aurobindo Center for Advanced Research, Pondicherry, to engage in advanced research in human psyche and to disseminate Sri Aurobindo’s multifaceted philosophy.


  • To disseminate the teachings of Sri Aurobindo
  • To encourage inter-disciplinary research in different aspects of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy
  • To have a better understanding regarding the future of human species


  • To interrogate contemporary social and humanitarian problems in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy.
  • To propagate the value of Sri Aurobindo’s life and teachings and to enhance the awareness of the value of his philosophy in creating a healthy and prosperous society.


  • The Centre will provide M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in multidisciplinary subjects inspired by Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy.
  • The Centre will procure research grants in subjects such as Consciousness Studies and Philosophy of Education.
  • The Centre will organise courses for the benefit of students, teachers and the general public.
  • The Centre will organise seminars, workshops and colloquiums to disseminate Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy.  


The Center has a library with significant resources related to Sri Aurobindo Studies. Since its inception, the Center has organised seminars to disseminate Sri Aurobindo’s teachings and philosophy. Currently, research scholars are making active use of the library. The Center proposes to offer short term and long term courses in Sri Aurobindo’s Studies and Futurology very soon.  

Publications & Activities


Dr. Patitapaban Das

Mobile: 7377074334


Address: Arts Block, First Floor, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack-3