Academic Infrastructure

Wi-Fi enabled Smart Class Rooms

The university has wi-fi enable smart classrooms in each department and are available for both off-line and on-line classes. It provides a better integrated approach to interact with students in classrooms.

Research Facilities with CIF

The research environment in the campus has highlighted many finding across the subjects. The university has 24 independent departments and 4 centers for research activities, and more than 200 research schoolers are enrolled for the programs. To improve the quality of research, the university has a high-end and well-equipped Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) open for research scholars and faculty members. The CIF is also open for outside academic institutions, universities and industries for experimental setups and characterization on a payment mode.

IT Infrastructure with computer facility

The university has a well-established IT unit, which is dedicated to support by experts to make the research work comfortable and productive. The e-Resource center in Kanika Library has 100 iMac computers installed and available to students and researcher throughout the time.