Barrier Free Campus


Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 prohibits discrimination against individuals with physical and mental disabilities. University is against all kinds of discriminations on any grounds including disability. University intend to advance a comprehensive and inclusive teaching and learning environment in which incapacitated students, or any employees are not distraught or treated unfavourably. The university aims to design its programs, administrations, and activities accessible to the students. All the authorities of the university are striving in order to forward a helping hand towards the differently abled so as to make sure about the Benefits of grounds programs, administrations, and activities. These guidelines apply to all the University Faculty and staff.

Objectives of the Policy

1. To create Inclusive Culture to avoid discrimination, exploitation and exclusion of Disable Students and Staff from all spheres of work and education.
2. To create suitable regulatory mechanism for effective delivery of services to Disable Students and Staff of affiliated colleges, recognized institutions and research centres.
3. To ensure implementation of all legislations with respect to persons with disabilities.
4. To provide accessible and inclusive education at affiliated colleges, recognized institutions and research centres
5. To ensure full participation of persons with disabilities and to provide them the equal opportunities for development.
6. To provide necessary budget allocation to achieve above objectives.
The terms used in the policy have meaning mentioned in chapter I of the rights of the persons with disability Act 2016.


Disability is a term that includes motor and sensory limitations (e.g., mobility, vision, or hearing impairments). It also includes disabilities resulting from chronic illnesses and syndrome, invisible disabilities, such as psychological and emotional disorders, learning disabilities, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI), and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)are also included in the term disability. Many disabilities vary in degree and type of limitation; therefore, accommodations must also vary and should be tailored to the needs of the individual.

Qualified Person with Disability

The expression "qualified individual with a disability" alludes to a person with a disability who is qualified to participate in any given university program or activity.

1. With regard to enrolment, a certified individual with a disability must fulfil the scholastic guidelines required for affirmation and meet the scholarly necessities set up for any given course, degree, or certificate program.
2. With respect to employment, training, work assignments, and promotion, a qualified individual with a disability must be able to perform the minimum essential functions of the job.
3. However relaxation shall be allowed as per the Government rules.

Enabling Units for persons with disabilities

University has established a Braille resource centre for comprehensive education for people with disabilities in the university campus. This centre will be enabling Unit for persons with disabilities.

Exam Policy

Ravenshaw University will make reasonable changes in the educational plan and assessment framework to meet the particular needs of students with disabilities. Sensible convenience will be made to meet the necessities of the considerable number of Students with disabilities. The guidelines and regulations has been issued by the examination department for use scribe in exams.