Dr. Ajaya Kumar Mohanty

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Department of Education



Dr. Mohanty has more than nine years of teaching experience in  Teacher Education and seven years of Research experience in different academic and corporate institutions in the field of  School and Teacher Education. Dr.Mohanty is a postgraduate in Education from Gauhati University, Assam and completed his Ph.D from Ravenshaw University. He has been associated with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) of Odisha chapter, Centre for Youth and Social Development, Bhubaneswar, PRATHAM, and DIGANTAR of Jaipur, Rajasthan for different project monitoring and evaluation; research and capacity building programmes. He has eight publications in peer reviewed journals of international repute and authored a book and reviewed two books. Dr.Mohanty is competent enough in handing students’ issues and likes to live with students, manage any event and documentation successfully. He is pro to any innovative practices of academic and has a good exposure to institutional building. He worked with Prof.Rohit Dhankar from Ajim Premji University and Prof.Rampal Vadhera of Mizoraam University for couple of years.

Selected Publications

  1. Mishra.S. & Mohanty.A.K.(2020) ”Status of Online Teaching at Higher Education Level  During Covid19 Pandemic, University News,AIU,Vol-58,No.35,Aug.30-Sept.06,2020 .
  2. Mohanty.A.K. &  Sagar.A.(2020)”Racial Differences among  Students in English Language Proficiency at  Secondary School Level”, International Educational Applied Scientific Research Journal,,Vol.5 Issue.08,Aug.2020,E-ISSN-2456-5040 .
  3. Mohanty A.K.& Mohanty C(2020).”Multiculturalism In School Practices (Cases From SSA Intervention Odisha and Mudhusthali Vidyapeeth Jharkhand and Digantar School From Rajasthan, Vol.5. Issue.08,Aug.2020,E-ISSN-2456-5040 
  4. Mohanty A.K. & Tali.D.B.(2020)”Types of Error Committed by Children in Solving Problems of Addition Algorithm”,Sambodhi,UGC Care Listed Journal,Vol.44,No.1,Jan-Mar 2021 ISSN -2249-6661.
  5. Tali.D.B. &Mohanty A.K. (2020) “Achievement Motivation As Related To Gender, Family Type And  Residential Background Of Senior Secondary  School Students”,ISSN -.2455-6211,Vol.9,Issue.3.Mar.2021.