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Overview and History of New Hostel

Established in 1961, New Hostel is one of the prominent boys’ hostels of Ravenshaw University, the oldest and the premier institute of higher education in Odisha. Built long after the early structures of Ravenshaw were constructed, New Hostel embodies a youthful spirit that has lost none of its power and liveliness. The ‘New’ in its name has imbued the thoughts and shaped the character of the young men who spent the formative years of their lives here.  No wonder, many of its former boarders have contributed immensely not only to Ravenshaw University but also to the nation and the world. New Hostel is proud to have moulded the personalities of these young people who have rendered splendid service to society in many different ways. As a second home to young and exuberant mind, New Hostel has diligently played the role of a nurturing guardian and a responsible trustee. 

Located at the southern end of the University’s main campus, the three-storey building of the Hostel presents a delectable view with its gracious façade. The lush green lawns in the main courtyard, airy and well-lit rooms and a tree-lined front provide a salubrious atmosphere conducive to the acquisition of knowledge and cultivation of the mind.    

 New Hostel has actively promoted unfettered exchange of ideas and served as a cradle where leaders of society and men of letters were shaped. Its vibrant ambience has always enriched tradition and nurtured individual talent.

New Hostel provides accommodation to around 260 boarders from various undergraduate departments of the University. 

The Hostel is proud of its heritage which exemplifies the rich Indian ethos of free thinking, tolerance and respect for human values.

The hostel provides excellent opportunities for developing the sports and literary potential of its boarders. Besides extending indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment for sports and games, the hostel stimulates sportsmanship and healthy competition by organising various tournaments and competitions for sports and extra-curricular activities at inter and intra-hostels levels.

Hostel Strength: 260


Dr. Khagendra Sethy (Assistant Professor; Dept. of English)
Contact No.:- +91 94372 00285
1Shyama Kumar Chottopadhyaya1961
2Dr. Simanchal Panda1966-1968
Dr Janaki Ballav Mohanty Bharadwaj1968 to 1969
3Dr. Chudhury Bichitrananda Nanda1969 to 70
Dr. Umakanta Mohapatra1970 to 1971
4Dr. Janaki Ballav Mohanty BharadwajSept.71 To Nov.72
5Dr. Rama Chandra TripathyDec.72 To Dec.73
Dr Padmo Lochan. NayakJan. 1974 to Dec. 1974
6Dr. Gunanidhi SahooJan. 75 To Aug.76
Dr. Asit KabiAug.76 To Oct.77
7Dr Gyanendra SharmaOct 77 to Nov 78
8Dr. A.sha Mukul. MitraNov.78 To Aug.81
9Sri Partha.Sarathi. SinghSept.81 To Sept.84
10Dr. Dillip DasNov.84 To Nov.85
11Dr. Bhabani .Prasad. DashDec.85 To Dec.86
12Dr. A.sha Mukul MitraDec.86 To Dec.88
13Sri Sanat Das PatnaikDec.88 To July.92
14Sri Rajani.Kanta. MishraAug.92 To May.94
15Sri Rajani.Kanta. MishraJune.94 To July.94
16Dr. Dinesh.Prasad. PatnaikAug.94 To Sept.94
17Sri A.nanga Kumar MohapatraOct.94 To July.95
18Dr. Dharani Dhar JenaAug.95 To May.99
19Dr. Guru.Charan. BeheraJune.99 To Aug.01
20Dr. Jayant Kumar NandaAug.01 To Jan.02
21Sri Nilamani SahooJan.02 To Dec.02
22Dr. Bichitrananda BalJan.03 To Sept.03
23Dr. Ajaya Kumar PatnaikSept.03 To July.04
24Dr. Nigamananda MallickJuly.04 To Nov.06
25Dr. Nigamananda MallickNov.06 To May.08
26Dr. Bichitrananda BalMay.08 To July.10
27Dr Ratan Kumar. DeyJuly.10 To Sept.10
28Dr. Sudhakar. PatraSept.10 To Jan.16
29Mr. Anjan Kumar KhuntiaJan.16 To Feb.16
30Dr. Sudarshan MishraFeb.16 To Aug.19
31Dr. Debadhyan. BeheraAug.19 To Aug.21
32Dr. Ashok. DansanaAug.21 To 2022
33Dr. Khagendra Sethi (Waden)Present


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