Standard Operating Procedure for Cultural Council

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. All cultural activities of Ravenshaw University shall be held under the University banner of                        

    PRIDE of Ravenshaw’ where, 

     P stands for ‘Performing Arts Club’ – This includes Ravenshaw Troupe (Dance Groups, Drama Society) and Ravenshaw Choir (Singers and Instrumentalists both classical and western) 

    R stands for ‘Rhetors’ – This includes the Ravenshaw Debating Society 

    I stands for ‘Imagists’ – This includes Art & Painting Club and the Photography Club 

    D stands for ‘Dubbers’ – This includes the Ravenshaw Film Society and Ravenshaw Radio 

    E stands for ‘Erudites’ – This includes the Ravenshaw Literature Society, the Ravenshaw Quizzers, the Ravenshaw Model United Nations Group, and the Ravenshaw TedX 

  2. The Cultural Council shall invite the University students to register online for the different groups under the banner of ‘PRIDE of Ravenshaw’. Registration is free and fresh registrations will be invited at the beginning of every academic session. Students may register for one or more groups depending on their area of interest.
  3. Each PRIDE group shall prepare an activities calendar to be submitted for the approval of the Cultural Council. In addition, special events may be organized by the groups subject to the approval of the Council at least 10 days prior to schedule. 

  4. The Cultural Council shall meet on the second and fourth Friday of every month. If the Friday is a holiday and there is an upcoming event, the Cultural Council may meet on the day before or after. 

  5. The activities of each PRIDE group shall be guided and supervised by one or more members  of the Cultural Council.
  6. A special event organized by the differently abled students every year shall be coordinated by the Cultural Council. 

  7. The Cultural Council may organize an Annual Fest every year and a mega Cultural Fest once in every three years with the help of the PRIDE groups. 

  8. Special occasions as notified in the Government / University calendar may be organized and coordinated by the Office of the DSW. 

  9. Regular events like annual functions, freshers’ and farewell parties of the departments shall be conducted under the direct supervision of the Head and faculties/staff of the respective  departments. They shall ensure the smooth conduct of the function from beginning to end and shall remain responsible for any breach of discipline. 

  10. All functions including hostel and department functions are to be held post-lunch i.e. 2 p.m. onwards and on working days only. The closing time of the function shall not extend beyond 7 p.m. under any circumstance. The functions will be held under the direct supervision of concerned faculty members, wardens, deputy wardens and the support staff. They shall ensure the smooth conduct of the functions from beginning to end.
  11. Venue of Cultural functions 

    • Departmental events such as Annual function, Freshers’ and Farewell functions are to be organized in the Department only. 
    • The Amphitheatre may be used for cultural events organized by P. R. I. D. E. groups with the approval of the Cultural Council. The use of the Amphitheatre shall depend on weather forecast/conditions.
    • The Multipurpose Indoor Hall may be used for cultural events, if the need arises, with the approval of the Sports Council. 
    • Hostel functions are to be organized in the hostel premises as far as possible. Where no adequate space is available, hostel functions may be organized in a venue proposed by the Warden and approved by the Chief Warden.
  12. During the functions, all the students of Ravenshaw University shall wear the University I-card. 

  13. All students shall be modestly dressed during the cultural events.

  14. The Cultural Council shall organize at least one sensitisation and socialization programme for students during every academic session.