Vision, Mission & Objective


Empowering students with knowledge, skills and values for effective participation in a humane learning society for self-affirmation and fulfilment of social obligation


  • To promote education as a core discipline in higher education.
  • To establish SCHOOL OF EDUCATION for providing professional education in a multidisciplinary context.
  • To develop confidence, self-reliance and professional competencies among students.
  • To inculcate constitutional values among students for peaceful co-existence with a feeling of ‘live together’.
  • To promote collaboration activities, exchange of ideas and expertises with different agencies  and institutions 
  • To respond to the changing educational needs of the community 
  • To promote research and innovation in Education for Societal  reconstruction and transformation


  • Impart ICT enabled advanced teaching-learning in all its academic programmes.
  • Reflect on changing needs of the society by timely updating the curriculum and introducing innovative practices in its academic programmes
  • Organise seminars, workshops, conferences on regional, national and international issues of education in collaboration with institutions of similar venture and its alumni
  • Ensure research and innovations  in its graduate, postgraduate, M.Phil and Ph.D level work and also undertake research projects of educational importance
  • Disseminate the research findings and innovations through its journals and the reputed platforms available at national and international level
  • Engage students in community development by organising awareness on social issues and  render expertise to the institutions and people in need so as to ensure civic values among students
  • Organise Educational tours, field trips and excursions for practical exposure to students in relation to their academics.
  • Frequent organisation of career development programmes and update students about latest placement opportunities
  • Ensure Institutional Leadership of School of Education in burning issues of education in and outside the state of Odish

A transformative learning community to realise the dreams, spread the knowledge and create global leaders.