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The Department of Economics was set up in the year 1931. In the initial years, the Department was led, for a brief while, by the British educationists who were instrumental in laying a strong foundation for the Department. Later on eminent economists such as Prof. Sadasiv Mishra, Prof. D. C. Misra and Prof. K. M. Patnaik adorned the chair of Head of the Department, and under their leadership the Department achieved the glory of being one of the best departments in the state as well as the country.


To emerge as a centre of excellence in the studies of economics with focus on innovative teaching, research and extension, activities for building a creative, enlightened and productive society.


  1. To take economics beyond classroom, inculcate problem solving skills and sensitiveness among students for rational decision making.
  2. To create and disseminate knowledge in economics through interdisciplinary research and creative enquiry for developing a dynamic, just and sustainable society.
  3. To proactively participate in economic policy designing through consultancy, extension activities and intervention efforts.

Maharaj K. C. Bhanj Deo

The department of chemistry was initially named as Mayurbhanj Chemical Laboratory. The red building with Victorian architecture, which houses the department still carries this name engraved on it. The Maharaja of the then princely state of Mayurbhanj, Sri Krushna Chandra Bhanja Deo, has generously contributed for the initial establishment of the laboratory.


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We are privileged to have an active alumni group, which supports the department in every aspect. To maintain a close relation with your alma mater please register in the following link.

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The department has produced generations of chemists and we are privileged to have an active alumni group, which supports the department in every aspect.