Research Area

The Department has produced several outstanding research Scholars and research projects. So far, the department has completed close to 10 major and minor research projects under internationally and nationally recognized funding agencies such as SANDEE, ICSSR, and UG.C. There are 3 projects which are still going on now. So far, 20 Ph.D scholars have already received their doctoral degree from the department and 15 scholars are still pursuing their Ph.D degree. The department has so far awarded 40 M.Phil scholars. Besides teaching, the faculty members are also actively engaged in research and disseminating their findings through participation in various seminars and workshops held inside and outside the state.

Some of the current areas of interest of the Department are as follows:

  • Issues related to agriculture, crop diversification, and food security in India
  • Impact of Climate change on agriculture and fisheries sector
  • Adaptation to climate change and climate change resilience strategies
  • Women empowerment through micro-entrepreneurship
  • Conservation of biodiversity and ecotourism issues in Odisha
  • Economics of child labour
  • Gender disparity in rural labour market
  • Demand and supply, pricing and management of water resources
  • Vulnerability assessment in agriculture sector
  • Study of social sector performances and macroeconomic dynamics in India
  • Growth, fiscal imbalance and fiscal transfers in India
  • Risk management and crop insurance in India
  • Poverty and inequality in India
  • Mining and displacement issues in India