Macroeconomic, Environmental and Agricultural Economics

Dr. Manoj Kumar Das

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Department of Economics


Dr. Das is serving as Associate Professor in Economics and has more than 13 years of teaching and research experience in the field of Economics. He has more than 25 publications in international and national peer review journals to his credit. Dr. Das has also published one book, five book chapters and edited 2 books to his credit. Before joining in the academics Dr. Das was Economist in Punjab National Bank, Head office, New Delhi. Dr. Das completed his Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D degree from the department of A & A Economics, Utkal University. The thesis work was based on Climate Change Impact, vulnerability and adaptation strategies in agriculture. His current research interest is focused on climate change and climate shock related vulnerability assessment in agriculture sector, study of social sector performances and macroeconomic dynamics. Now Dr.Das is handling three research projects-one major research project funded by ICSSR, New Delhi, one project funded by OSHEC, Higher Education Department, Govt. of Odisha and one projects funded under SEED fund by the University.

Selected Publications

  1. Das, MK and Das, T (2020), Determinants of Economic Growth in India: A time series perspective, Theoretical and Applied Economics, 27 (2(623), 263-280
  2. Das, MK (2019), Climate Change Vulnerabilities of Rural Agricultural Farmers and Adaptation Strategies: A Case Study in Odisha, India, The Indian Economic Journal, Special Issue, December 2019,pp69-77
  3. Das, MK. and Mishra, P. (2017). Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Yield: Evidence from Odisha, India. International Journal of African and Asian Studies,Vol.38, pp.58-65
  4. Das, M K and Patra, S. (2016), Productivity and Efficiency of Public Sector Banks in India after Global Financial Crisis. The IUP Journal of Bank Management, Vol. XV, No. 2, May 2016, pp. 50-62.
  5. Das, M K and Patra, S. (2016), Productivity and Efficiency of Private Sector Banks in India after Global Financial Crisis. Asian Journal Research in Banking and Finance, 6 (5), 1-14