Ravenshaw Chemistry Alumni Association

RCAA is a vibrant organisation of the alumni constituted in 2007-2008. This organisation from its inception has stood firmly with the department. It has extended all kinds of support for the growth of the department. RCAA has constituted different awards to encourage students in their studies as well as research.  An annual function of the association is held every year with active participation of members in which students of a particular batch is felicitated.

Regd. No. : CTC No. 17612/126


Prof. Prabhat Kumar Mishra


Prof. Smrutiprava Das

Secretary - cum- Treasurer

Dr. Purnenndu Parhi

Asst. Secretary

Executive Members :

Dr. Chitta R. Mishra

Dr. Prana B. Tripathy

Prof. Asutosh Nayak

Prof. Anadi C. Dash

Prof. Subashini Lenka

Dr. Sachindra N. Pattnaik

Prof. Satyaban Jena

Dr. Nrusingha C. Pati

Annual Awards

  • Bhagabat Nanda Memorial Award: The award was founded by Dr. Bhagabata Nanda, former Principal scientist, IMMT, Bhubaneswar, which is given every year for the best research publication from the department. The research scholars present their work before a committee, which evaluates their work and announces the prize.
  • N. Mohanty Memorial Award: The award was founded by Sri Prabodh Kumar Mohanty in the name of his father Sri S. N. Mohanty. In every year annual meeting of RCAA a theme subject has been decided and participants are encouraged to give article on the subject. The best article presented in the annual meeting is given the award.
  • Parbati Mishra memorial Award: This is awarded to the student who secures 1st position in UG final Examination.
  • P. C Dutta and Prof. A. S. Mitra Memorial Award: The award was founded by Dr. C. R Mishra in the name of Prof. Ashok Shankar Mitra and Prof. Phanindra Chandra Dutta for the best PhD Thesis from the department.
  • Balabhadra Prasad Memorial Award: The award was founded by Dr. Subasini Lenka for the best paper presented in the PG seminar.


  • 16th Annual Function 2020

The function was held on 16th February 2020. The meeting was presided by Prof. P. K. Mishra, Hon’ble Justice of the Odisha High Court Sri A. S. Naidu was the Chief Guest of the occasion.

Memory Lane

Sitting from left to right :

(1)Dr. Phani Bhusan Das (Physical Chem.),(2) Dr. Rebati Charan Das (Physical Chem.), (3) Dr. Khirod Kumar Pattnaik (Organic Chem.), (4) Dr. Bimbadhar Nayak (Physical Chem.), (5) Prof. Dr. Mahendra Kumar Rout (Organic Chem.), (6) Dr. Ashok Sankar Mitra (Organic Chem. ), (7) Sri Narayan Chandra Das (inorganic Chem.) , (8) Dr. Gokulananda Mahapatra (Organic Chem.), (9) Sri Surendra Chandra Mohanty (Inorganic Chem.)

Standing from Left to right:

(1) Dr. Rabindranath  Nanda (Inorganic Chem.),(2) Dr. Naba K. Ray* ( Physical Org Chem/Quantum Chemistry), (3) Dr. Indubhusan Misra (Physical Chem), (4) Dr. Prabhat Kumar  Misra (Organic), (5)Dr. Padmalochan Nayak (Organic Chem.), (6) Dr. Durga Prasad Das ( Organic Chem.), (7) Sri Parbati Prasad Mishra ( physical), (8) Dr. BalaKrushna Sabata** (Organic Chem.), (9) Dr Purna Chandra Rath**.

* Shanti Swarup Vatnagar Awadee

** Research associates of Prof. M. K. Rout.

Sitting from left to right :

(1)Dr. Duryodhan Mangaraj (Physical/Polymer Chem.), (2) Sri Choudhary Bichitrananda Nanda (Inorganic Chem.), (3) Dr. Khirod K. Patnaik (Organic Chem.), (4) Prof. Dr. Mahendra Kumar Rout (Organic Chem.), (5) Dr. Sukumar Aditya (Physical Chem.), (6) Dr. Dayanidhi Patnaik(Physical Chem.), (7) Dr. Ashok Sankar Mitra (Organic Chem.) , (8) Dr. Gokulananda Mahapatra (Organic Chemistry), (9) Dr. Bimbadhar Nayak (Physical Chem.)

Standing from left to right :

(1) Dr. Sarat Chandra Padhi ( inorganic Chem.),(2) Dr. Bhaskar Dash  (Organic Chem.) , (3) Dr. Rebati Charan Das (Physical Chem.), (4) Dr. Balaram Sahu ( Physical-Inorganic Chem.), (5) Dr. Rabindra Kumar Nanda ( (Inorganic Chem.), (6) Sri Surendra Chandra Mohanty (Inorganic Chem.), (7) Dr. Indubhusan  Mishra (Physical Chem.), (8) Dr. Bala Krushna Sabat (Organic Chem.), (9) Dr. Krushna C. Singh ( Physical Chem.) (10) Dr. Phani Bhusan Das (Physical Chem.), (11) Dr. Chitta Ranjan Das (Physical Chem.), (12) unidentified( may be Krushna  Chandra  Das ? who was a research Assistant with Professor M. K. Rout)