Vision, Mission & Objective


Chemistry as a subject has considerable impact on our everyday lives.  Basic understanding of chemical phenomena is essential to explore a wide variety of disciplines in natural science. The vision of the department is to continuously upgrade the research potential so as to expand the horizon of knowledge and be a major contributor in different fields of chemical science. It further includes exploring the potential of materials, processes and technologies to meet the modern day demands in an environmentally sustainable module.


The mission is to facilitate collaborative research cutting across disciplines both in national and international plane. On one hand, the department emphasises on basic research and on the other, it develops new technologies to meet both societal and industrial necessities. The mission in teaching is to create a culture so as to ignite the young minds to cultivate the spirit of questioning and free thinking.  


The objective is to create a fertile ground for exposer of the students through seminars, symposiums, workshops and industry visits. The department strives to upgrade the research infrastructure for multi-disciplinary research, which is to bridge the gap between industry and academia. Innovations in teaching methodology are encouraged by making a living integration of classroom teaching, online resources and laboratory experiments.

A transformative learning community to realise the dreams, spread the knowledge and create global leaders.